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How can I place an order
Just go to the website shop and add to cart, which will take you to checkout where you can input your details

what payment methods do you accept?

We use this right payment service, which makes it very easy to pay with any type of card, debit or credit

how do I know if my order has been successful?

You will see an order success screen with a message thanking you for your order. Further you will be sent an automatic order confirmation to the email address provided when ordering with order details

how do you store my personal details?

In order to process your order we do need a few bits of personal information from you, but don’t worry we safely manage it. Further we never store your card details on our system; this is performed automatically between the payment service provider and the issuing bank.

When will my order be dispatched?

any orders placed before 1 PM will be dispatched the same working day if in stock, and any orders placed after this time will be dispatched next working day if in stock.

Which carrier do you use to deliver my parcel? For UK orders we use Royal mail as we find the click and collect service very convenient and time-saving.

Well my order for it through my letterbox?

Unfortunately it is too bulky, and so you will have to make provision for receiving delivery.

What if my parcel has not arrived? If you’re parcel has been undeliverable the postman may have left it with a neighbour or in a secure location for you, in which case we ask you to thoroughly check around your property with neighbours prior to contacting us. Alternatively you may have been left a something for you card if they have been unable to complete delivery, which will inform you of how to contact your local delivery office to allow collection or redelivery of your parcel. Please note the parcel will only be held at the sorting office for a limited amount of time, after which it will be returned to us.

How much does delivery cost? Borderline new line the Royal mail rates for our package product is charged at £3.95p.

Can I place an order for delivery overseas?

We will hope to offer this service in the next few months, but for the meantime our business is focused on customers in the UK.

What if I have a problem with an order?

If you have a problem with your order please contact our friendly customer service team via email; info@skinandbeyond.co.uk

What do I do if I need to return an item?

All returns and refunds are to be authorised by innovative drinks. We do not normally refund items, but exceptions can be made in the following circumstances;

  • goods damaged in transit
  • goods have been incorrectly dispatched

In these circumstances you will be provided with a prepaid returns back on label and asked to provide your full name and details including telephone and order number.

We regret that no refunds will be given on products that have already been opened unless otherwise agreed by innovative drinks.

What is the returns address?

All returns should be sent to;

Innovative Drinks,
10 Caithness Row, New Lanark ML11 9DG

How are refunds processed?

Once we have received your returned item we will issue a refund to the payment method used to pay for the author quit. Please allow 7 to 10 days for the refund to show in your account.


What is Skin+Beyond?
Skin+Beyond is a synergistic blend of patented pomegranate extract Pomella®, the amino acid glycine and both forms of vitamin B3, niacin and niacinamide.

Where did the idea come from?
It was a culmination of 8 years of researching and writing on health, with the most recent 2 years spent looking at various plant extracts to incorporate into a unique, innovative product not just for skin health, but for overall health. The research uncovered the growing evidence, based on over 2,000 studies of pomegranate’s multifaceted health properties, coupled with the complementary and unique properties of glycine and niacinamide.

Why Skin+Beyond is better than putting a pomegranate in a blender
You can’t find the therapeutic levels of bioactive ellagitannins in pomegranate fruit regardless of whether you eat it, blend it or drink the juice. The only reason a producer is granted patented status for a natural product is if they take that product and enhance its characteristics, and this is exactly what has been done in terms of improving concentration levels of the active ingredients that are not found in the natural fruit

  • Our product not only contains potent pomegranate extract, but other nutrients that have not only complementary properties to pomegranate extract, but also unique
  • Pomella® is certified and highly regulated in terms of quality assurance and production control parameters, as well as being supported by rigorous traceability, sustainability and clinical validation
  • The product is very convenient; just add some water or juice and you’re set to go

What are the recommended uses of Skin+Beyond?
The beauty of Skin+Beyond is its multi-functional attributes, not least its infinite skin health benefits where it offers a unique “All in one skin solution”. Due to its collagen boosting and collagen protection mechanisms, it not only protects and boosts skin health, but also joints and other connective tissues that makes Skin+Beyond ideal for sports performance and recovery, heart health and much more, and you can read about the extensive uses of this unique and innovative hybrid product throughout the fully referenced blogs and below

Why is there no vitamin C in Skin+Beyond?
It is true to say that vitamin C can play an important role skin health as a collagen booster and antioxidant. However there are two key points; firstly most product formulations do not contain enough vitamin C per serving since it is scientifically known that you need 500mg minimum to boost collagen synthesis. Secondly Skin+Beyond has triple action collagen and elastin boosting properties and triple action protection from breakdown of collagen and elastin caused by glycation and the enzymes, collagenase and elastase

Further pomegranate and niacinamide induce a process in the elderly and younger subjects that are chronically inflamed called mitophagy that clears out damaged mitochondria (energy batteries of cells) allowing greater cellular function and in the case of skin, greater collagen and elastin production from dermal fibroblasts

Skin+Beyond demonstrates its “All in one skin solution” by working at both the epidermal (keratin, keratinocytes, melanin, melanocytes, ceramides) and dermal (collagen, elastin, fibroblasts, hyaluronic acid) levels as well as improving microcirculation (blood flow) for better nutrient and oxygen delivery

Is Skin+Beyond calorie free?
It is calorie free and sugar free, whereas pomegranate juice is heavy on sugar calories especially fructose

As Skin+Beyond gluten-free?
Yes it is, but can’t be strictly claimed to be since it is made any factory that may have gluten products also made, which makes it possible to have minute traces of gluten

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?
Absolutely and in fact it is 100% compostable

Does Skin+Beyond comply with the UK and EU labelling regulations?
Yes Skin+Beyond complies with the labelling regulations, but does not require any type of approval as it is categorised as a dietary supplement, and not a medical drug

Is Skin+Beyond made from animal sources?
No Skin+Beyond is not made from any animal sources, and is 100% vegan friendly

Is Skin+Beyond and natural product?
Yes Skin+Beyond is 100% natural

What is the shelf life of Skin+Beyond?
See package for details

Does Skin+Beyond need to be refrigerated?
No just stored in a dry cool place

Where is Skin+Beyond manufactured?
Our product is manufactured with pride in the UK

Is Skin+Beyond suitable for diabetics?
Absolutely and is in fact anti-diabetic, helping to prevent and ameliorate Type II diabetes

Does Skin+Beyond have any drug or food interaction?
No there are no drug interactions or food intolerances

Can vegans/vegetarians benefit from Skin+Beyond?
Absolutely and is a boon for vegans as it will boost collagen by using glycine in our formula; glycine is the rate limiting factor for collagen synthesis, which basically means that we are all deficient in this crucial amino acid that should be reclassified as essential, especially when you consider that supplemental glycine builds collagen by 200% more than normal, and collagen comes from animal products as well as having poor absorption properties. Collagen buyers be aware!

How is collagen made from just glycine?
For all connective tissues e.g. skin, joints etc you actually need 3 amino acids to build collagen, namely glycine, proline and lysine. However proline and lysine have been determined in the 2018 research study (link below) to be normal in blood concentrations whereas glycine levels are low, and when supplemented the body responds by increasing collagen synthesis. In other words glycine is the rate limiting factor in collagen formation or synthesis


What applications can Skin+Beyond be used for?

  • Skin is our primary application; Skin+Beyond offers an “All in one skin solution” that protects and nourishes better than chemical laden products. Pomegranate extract (POMx) showed similar results in protecting skin cells from damage to MitoQ, a bioengineered antioxidant costing £60 per month
  • Skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris affect 50% to 80% adolescents and 40% adults; Ameliorate is a cream commonly used to control keratosis, and costs around £30 per month
  • Collagen synthesis better than collagen supplements that cost between £50 and £70 per month and have low absorption rates
  • Joint health costing £10 to £20 per month with little efficacy; more people turning to collagen that again offers little efficacy; see above
  • Sports performance and recovery that costs around £20 per month; NB protein recovery drinks and snacks containing milk powder, whey or casein powder are a waste of money!
  • REAL energy, not FAKE caffeine and sugar drinks that can cost £10 per month; the energy production molecule NAD+ is about £40 per month. Coffee is associated with energy and the average spend is around £300 per year
  • Prebiotics cost around £5 per month; can be the best way to boost gut health; POMx offer potent prebiotic activity that are actually an easier way to boost probiotic numbers saving you money on overhyped probiotics; see below
  • Probiotics cost £15 to £40 per month; shop drinks e.g. Actimel etc are a waste of money
  • New age anti-ageing compound, urolithin A made by pomegranate’s ellagitannins in the gut; urolithin A costs £75 per month
  • Heart health; pomegranate is often referred to as “The heart fruit” due to its effective multiple mechanisms of action. Glycine and niacinamide further boost its protective properties. Good supplements cost £20 to £30 per month
  • Glutathione costs £20 per month; more relevant to over 50s. However vegans and vegetarians of all ages see declines in this crucial master antioxidant
  • Liver detox costs anywhere from £10 upwards to £40 per month; say £10 per month; POMx and glycine in our formula actually reverse dangerous fatty liver and repair alcohol induced damage
  • Sleep aid; costs £10 per month; glycine and niacinamide are both proven sleep aids
  • Postmenopausal protection encompasses protection from osteoporosis, heart disease, moods and hormone cancers e.g. breast

So these are real, proven savings (see blogs) that Skin+Beyond can actually offer you, easily paying for itself.

Why only 3 active ingredients?
Such is the therapeutic power of these 3 natural products, both individually and synergistically, there is no need to add anything to duplicate effort e.g. vitamin C is used widely as a skin and general health product that carries out antioxidant activity quite well, but not to the same degree as POMx that has many other qualities. Hence the reason we don’t need to add it to the formulation.

In fact if you look at PubMed, the American biomedical database held at the US Institute for Health, there are 7,000 studies on niacinamide, 2,500 studies on pomegranate and 25,000 studies on glycine and that’s only in the past ten years.