In this article we cover:

  • Skin+Beyond offers a synergistic blend for enhanced sports performance and recovery, injury prevention, more rapid injury recovery, enhanced collagen synthesis and protection from collagen breakdown in joints.
  • No need for sports and hydration drinks and powders
  • No need for high protein powders and shakes

Looking for a unique, innovative, natural drink to improve your workout as well as improving the recovery time post workout, and support joint health, then look no further than Skin+Beyond.

The synergistic blend of Pomella® pomegranate extract and glycine play a beneficial role in sports performance and recovery.

Glycine is effective at muscle building and repair post exercise and for maintaining the integrity of joints by protecting collagen from breakdown via glycation and helping the body to build collagen efficiently. (1,2,3)

Studies have shown that taking a single high dose (22.5g) of glycine stimulated a 60% increase in growth hormone release from the pituitary gland in less than 5 minutes. (4) A quick growth hormone spike post workout will help stimulate protein synthesis, build muscle, and promote recovery for the next workout.

A study showed glycine and green tea improved tissue recovery, increased collagen production and lowered inflammation. (5) NB POMx is superior to green tea as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Pomegranate has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes, both of which reduce the oxidative stress from sports or exercise. This includes (along with glycine) boosting the body’s own (endogenous) antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, catalase and superoxide dismutase that help deal with free radicals caused by exercise as well as from many environmental sources.

In a 2017 publication in the European Journal of Sports Science, researchers found that supplementing with pomegranate delayed feelings of fatigue during exercise, thus improving exercise performance; they attributed this delay in fatigue to an increase in blood flow and blood vessel diameter. (6)

The above study concluded what had been found in a previous study, which discovered that consuming pomegranate supplements might increase oxygen supply as a result of the increased flow of blood and associated increase in size of vessel diameter, leading to a boost in exercise or sports performance. (7)

Moreover performing sport and exercise can induce oxidative stress that’s not necessarily harmful provided there is adequate antioxidant levels in the body, but chronic exercise or overtraining (that applies to a large percentage of exercisers) and continual sports performing can lead to stress outweighing the body’s antioxidant resources, resulting in oxidative stress and associated muscular atrophy. (8)

However, this is where pomegranate excels once again; a 2016 trial used subjects who were endurance trainers. Researchers gave some of the subjects 200ml of pomegranate juice, some receiving pomegranate juice diluted in water and some receiving a control drink for a period of 21 days. (9)

The subjects who consumed the pure pomegranate juice experienced a reduction in chemical markers associated with oxidative stress, while the diluted pomegranate juice subjects experienced no change, and finally the placebo group experienced an increase in oxidative stress markers.

Furthermore, in another study, researchers found that taking pomegranate juice on a regular basis reduced levels of inflammation and oxidative stress induced damage, courtesy of pomegranate’s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. (10)

However, it is recent research from the University of Texas that has really confirmed pomegranate as a serious contender in the sports performance and recovery category. (11)

Study details

Study subjects were given 500ml of pomegranate juice over a period of 9 days; after 5 days subjects were asked to perform.

  • 3 sets times 20 reps per set of bicep curls
  • 6 sets times 10 reps per set of leg extensions


A few days after the exercise test, researchers looked at muscle recovery and found that those in the pomegranate consuming group experienced more upper body strength and less aching and stiffness in the muscles.

Moreover in a University of North Carolina study, researchers used runners for their study.(12)

Study details

Sprinters were given pomegranate extract 30 minutes before being asked to perform a high intensity, intermittent sprint session.


Researchers observed a positive increase in blood flow and exercise performance, including an increase in blood vessel size, 9.5% diameter increase.


“Blood flow is a key factor in exercise and recovery, this improves the delivery of oxygen rich blood to the muscles” – Dr. Abbie E. Smith-Ryan, Ph.D., CSCS, FISSN, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science and co-author of the study.

Further Dr. Smith-Ryan attributed pomegranate’s ability to enhance performance directly to its high polyphenol levels, by consistently increasing blood flow that translates to better nutrient delivery and increased removal of metabolic waste from energy production in the muscles, which collectively contributes to enhanced performance and recovery.

Please note standardised extract of pomegranate (POMx) is a different level of potency than POM juice; hence the effects would have been even more remarkable.

Skin+Beyond – the complete sports and exercise tonic

Enter Skin+Beyond with its patented Pomella® extract containing standardised, highly concentrated levels of the highly bioactive punicalagins, not found in pomegranates in appreciable amounts These punicalagins are unique to pomegranate and by far the most effective at scavenging free radicals in the mitochondria (the energy powerhouses of the cells), a major source of free radical production.

Furthermore, glycation and the activation of collagen degrading enzymes can damage the collagen matrix in connective tissue, sabotaging the ability to exercise especially with age, but for anyone with type 2 diabetes or arthritic conditions, this can be earlier than expected.

Poor gut health also plays a part in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; POMx prevents and alleviates both conditions courtesy of its prebiotic effects thus boosting gut health and immune modulating effects, in turn reducing inflammation, a key driver in both conditions. Moreover the production of urolithin A, the gut metabolite from ellagic acid in POMx further offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection against both joint conditions. (13,14)

The addition of glycine is even more important for older subjects due to lack of gene (GCAT and SHMT2) expression that controls the body’s own glycine production that impacts mitochondrial energy production, although as we highlighted in the “Benefits of glycine” blog, all age groups fall short on glycine production and intake.

It was postulated by researchers that glycine may be exerting its effects on the sirtuin proteins that play a key role in DNA protection, expression, and longevity. Sirtuins respond to NAD+ the converted form of niacin and niacinamide, as well as express a preference for glycine. (15) NB Niacin and niacinamide in Skin+Beyond are the precursors for NAD+.

The new anti-ageing compound, urolithin A that is made by gut bacteria from pomegranate’s ellagic acid and punicalagins, also boosts sirtuin 1 expression and NAD+ production.(16) Sirtuin 1 and NAD+ play a key role in longevity and NAD+ is critical for optimal mitochondrial energy production, central to the health of all bodily systems be it skin, heart, brain, muscle, liver, kidneys, joints etc. A fall in cellular energy output due to mitochondrial damage manifests in just about every bodily ailment. Both POMx and niacinamide improve mitophagy in older subjects and in younger subjects; mitophagy is the process that regenerates mitochondria (energy plants of the cells), boosting cellular energy status, in turn preventing ageing of all bodily systems including muscle, skin and joints. In fact mitophagy prevents and reverses muscle loss or sarcopenia (17), and you can read about this soon in the blog, “Skin+Beyond and sarcopenia”. Hence the reason why improved mitophagy actually boosts endurance during sports and exercise.

If you are thinking of loading up on protein recovery shakes and snacks containing BCAAs, whey, casein or soy etc, consider the fact that these products have low absorption rates or Amino Acid Utilisation (AAU) indexes.(18) These highly processed products only have a 16% to 18% absorption rate (with the rest going down the toilet as urine). See blog, “High protein – a waste of money” when available shortly.

Further the subject of hydration and electrolytes is covered in more detail in the blogs, “Sports recovery drinks – don’t waste your money” and drink recipes on the website.

The bottom line is that Skin+Beyond offers a unique, synergistic blend for enhanced sports performance and recovery, injury prevention, more rapid injury recovery, enhanced collagen synthesis and protection from collagen degradation in joints.

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