In this article we cover:

  • Did you know water has four phases not three?
  • EZ is “live water” that carries an electrical charge and is the ultimate hydrator
  • This fourth phase of water or EZ water is found in nature in mountains, glacial melt, streams and springs (including bottled spring water), fruits and vegetables and in our cells

Also known as “The Fourth Phase of Water”, EZ water was discovered by Dr Gerald Pollack of Washington State University and has infinite benefits for health and wellbeing.

All water is not equal
The human body comprises of 99% water in terms of number of molecules, and based on this fact, it would be reasonable to assume that consuming loads of any water would effectively hydrate you right down to the cellular level. Unfortunately, most waters have limited health enhancing properties including the lack of ability to optimally hydrate.

EZ water has far superior hydration than regular water
Structured or EZ water offers a better hydration option due to its enhanced moistening properties and its ability to carry an electrical charge, courtesy of its fourth phase. Hence the name of Gerald Pollack’s book, “The fourth phase of water” that offers much better hydration than regular water as well as reducing the need for as much volume of intake; the slogan urging you to “drink 8 glasses a day” is redundant as well as being impractical.

It’s an astounding fact that water is the most unique substance on earth with respect to having four phases; the fourth phase that we have been referring to in this blog is more like a gel type consistency. While it can seem as thin as liquid, it is silkier and is capable of expanding to a gelatine like consistency.

In terms of chemical properties, H3O2 has a denser structure, around 10% more compared to H2O and comprises more oxygen. However, one of the most significant differences is the electrical charge that is present in the EZ or structured water, allowing H3O2 to act as a battery that carries and stores energy in our cells; that same energy that gives us physical movement, mental thinking and cognition, the ability to heal and repair. In a nutshell EZ or structured water is “the water of nature”, the ultimate fuel for hydration, energy generation (via the mitochondria or power plants of the cells), and optimum vitality. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, removes cellular waste and toxins more effectively than bog standard waters e.g., tap, bottled.

Silkier and is capable of expanding to a gelatine like consistency

Where do we find this EZ water?

There is a superior type of water other than tap or bottled (unless it is mountain or spring) water. Mountain or spring water not only offers optimum hydration but reduces the need for high volume water consumption. This recently discovered EZ, or structured water has a different chemical composition (H3O2) compared to tap or other waters that contain the more commonly known H2O.

This fourth phase of water is found in nature in mountains, glacial melt, streams, and springs (including bottled spring water), fruits and vegetables and in our cells; hence a key reason why the consumption of fruits and vegetables is paramount for health.

The H3O2 Difference

Eating your way to hydration

When we think of hydration, our first thoughts are water, but food in the form of fruits and vegetables not only offers nutrition, but an abundance of EZ (gel like) water and hence superior hydration than most other waters other than mountain and spring water, which are similar.

Plants in the form of fruits and vegetables offer a triple boost in hydration via;

  • The food source of EZ water
  • An abundance of electrolytes
  • Fibre that holds water in the cells for longer

Fruits and vegetables contain between 80% and 98% of EZ or gel type water by volume, making them nature’s attempt of packaging nutrients and hydration an example of perfect biology. They are chock full of fibre, electrolytes, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that need the EZ water to optimally deliver them to the cells, and at the same time effectively remove waste and toxins from the cells. Further the electrical charge in the EZ water activates minerals e.g., magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium essentially turning them into electrolytes.

By retaining the cellulose fibre (as opposed to juicing) in the fruit and vegetables, shakes improve sustained hydration time as well as binding to environmental toxins and cellular waste. Plant compounds can even buffer the negative effects from potentially damaging electromagnetic frequencies including Wi-Fi, that cause mineral imbalances.

To benefit even more from your Skin+Beyond product, incorporate it into your favourite shakes and use mountain or spring water where possible in the S+B drink recipes on the Recipes page. If you can’t find mountain or spring water, use mineral water, and feel free to add coconut water and/or Himalayan or unrefined sea salt when making your Skin+Beyond drink for an electrolyte boost for improved cellular hydration, nutrient delivery, detoxification and waste removal.

Coconut water has the same composition of electrolytes found in the human body, and hence the reason it provides amazing hydration properties.

The sodium and potassium provide positively and negatively charged ions respectively and trace minerals that generate electrical charges to the cell membranes (the gatekeepers of the cells) that control cellular processes.

No need for overpriced, overhyped sports recovery drinks, powders, and tablets!