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I started looking into weight loss after a family member struggled for years with many fad diets. Subsequently I created a website writing about weight loss, interviewing many different types of health professionals in various fields e.g. nutrition, psychology, exercise etc, and really found my passion.

Following on from the success of my blog and website, I was invited to blog for the Huffington Post, writing on a range of health related topics including weight loss, superfoods, gut health, heart health, exercise and more. Although it has been an eight year journey, the past two years have been mostly spent intensively researching plant based compounds and their potential for skin and general health applications, manifesting in the creation of a unique, synergistic skin product that would bring beauty and health together in one solution.

We will be publishing blogs on various lifestyle topics that people will find useful and informative with fully referenced clinical or academic studies when required. We also hope to make people more aware of the importance of living more toxin free, not only for health purposes, but from an environment standpoint. We are literally living on a “toxic bath”, but since most of them are invisible, we don’t consciously think they are there.

Reducing toxic load is paramount in protecting all cellular systems from excess oxidative stress and resultant ageing.

We want people to enjoy a happier and healthier life

Clark Russell, Founder

Hybrid Prebiotic Drink, Health Drink for Skin - Skin+Beyond (Skin and Beyond)

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